Heritage: Fall 2021

Dennis Sbrusch's book on a shelf next to other books.

Dennis Sbrusch: Turning Passion Into Purpose

Dennis Sbrusch
’14, BBA in General Business Administration
SureThing Media Owner, Founder and CEO, Richmond, Texas

Using his general business administration degree to find freedom and independence as an entrepreneur, Dennis Sbrusch created SureThing Media to serve people and businesses that put their heart into what they believe in—something Sbrusch does all too well.

“I created SureThing Media for multiple reasons—freedom in its many forms and turning passion into purpose to name a few. I’m crazy passionate about helping others and putting good in the world,” he said. “I never want to get caught up in making money just to make money.”

SureThing Media solves problems for businesses, non-profits, government entities and individuals by designing custom websites, creating/managing social media content and building brands in a digital world.

“Treat people like people and not like revenue targets. I’ve offered free services, taken phone calls at 2 a.m. and gone the extra mile. SureThing Media is built on 100 percent referrals because of this,” he said. “Relationships are EVERYTHING in business. My experience at SHSU really helped build those personal skills that are needed to be successful.”

Sbrusch’s commitment to his clients and their success has earned the trust of many big-name individuals and businesses, including one of their newest and most prominent projects, a website for a Texas gubernatorial candidate.

“Someone said the other day, ‘Dennis is lucky. He gets to work wherever and do whatever he wants.’ This is true, but it sometimes takes 20-hour days to make it possible,” Sbrusch said. “This luck is really a mixture of the time, energy and passion put into the job. What you put in will come back tenfold. It sometimes feels fruitless but keep putting in the work and you will be rewarded.”