Heritage: Fall 2021

Caleb Corbell & Mike Sanchez stand next to their tour vehicle..

Caleb Corbell & Mike Sanchez: Taking You from "Beer" to There

Caleb Corbell & Mike Sanchez
Corbell, ’19 BBA General Business, Finance
Sanchez, ’11 BA Criminal Justice
Texas Brewery Tours Co-Founders, Montgomery, TX

Texans like their beer, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the number of breweries in the Houston area has grown over 344 percent in less than 10 years. Two Bearkats who are taking advantage of this boom are Caleb Corbell and Mike Sanchez, co-founders of Texas Brewery Tours. Their company specializes in taking groups from Margaritaville in Montgomery, Texas to tour several local spots in Montgomery County, where they receive drink vouchers and souvenirs while enjoying safe transportation along the way.

“We meet all kinds of unique and interesting people,” Corbell said. “You never know who is going to book a tour, and it’s always fun getting to know them. Trying a lot of different craft beers and breweries is a nice plus too.”

Corbell’s side of the partnership includes sales, accounting and marketing. He sees his college experience inside and outside the classroom as invaluable.

“Without attending SHSU and joining Omega Delta Phi Eta, I would have never met Mike and Texas Brewery Tours might not exist right now,” Corbell said. “I think it’s important to build soft skills and a great network of professionals while in college. These are viable no matter what field you end up in and will help you be successful no matter which direction your career takes.”

Sanchez focuses on the finance and operations side of the business. He believes that challenges and experiences as a student prepared him for success in his career.

“The multiple student organizations I was involved in while at SHSU helped me develop skills to establish, operate and lead a business. My degree may not be in alignment with what I am doing now, but the juggling of academics, Greek life, student life and work life prepared me for life after college,” Sanchez said. “I learned a lot while at SHSU, not just in a classroom but about life in general. It helped me excel in my career and my community.”

After demonstrating the success of their model in Montgomery County, the pair plan to grow their brand and eventually expand to other cities across the state.

“We hope to take T.B.T. statewide and provide tours to thirsty Texans everywhere.”