Letter from the President

September 2, 2020


Sam Houston State University recently moved to a COVID-19 Response Level 2.

Response levels are a sliding scale that correspond to a range of possible actions to consider given various indicators related to the spread of the coronavirus.

Today, SHSU is at a the low-end of Response Level 2. This level requires all of the efforts indicated in Level 1 (e.g., wearing a mask, social distancing), but also serves as recognition that we need to be even more vigilant and additional efforts may be necessary. I appreciate you for wearing masks, physically distancing, and taking responsibility for yourself and for others. I've seen widespread compliance, but not perfect compliance, on campus so far. I remind those of you, who are not being as careful, that masks over the nose and mouth are required if you're in a public space (inside or outside) on campus.

We are currently evaluating additional actions that may need to be taken to improve campus safety and awareness.

Beginning this week, the university's COVID working group will be providing weekly updates in a variety of formats to students, faculty and staff.

For the most current information, visit the Restart 2020 website daily, check your email and look for helpful information on our social media channels. Please refer to official university sources for the most accurate information. Remember, we all share in the responsibility of keeping each other safe and making this a successful semester.

Alisa White

Alisa White