Prospective Students

Class Modifications

Reducing the student density on campus every day — along with wearing facial coverings and washing hands frequently — can help stop the spread of COVID-19 while enjoying the benefits of the university experience. To reduce student density on campus, the majority of Fall 2020 classes will be blended. Blended courses allow students to learn as much as possible and spend time with their classmates and instructors while also maintaining a safe distance from each other. In a blended course, more than half (but not all) of the instruction is done from a social distance.

Here are a couple of examples of a blended course:

  • A T-Th course might split the class into two groups.  Each group attends in-person either Tuesday or Thursday (while the other group participate via Zoom).
  • A large MWF course might split the class into three groups. Each group attends face-to-face in the classroom one day each week while the other two groups participate with Zoom.
  • The first 3 weeks of a course are taught face-to-face (either in a larger room or in smaller groups) while the remainder is taught online, with exams proctored face-to-face in a large room every other week.

For more information about blended courses, view the student FAQ. 

There are different types of blended schedules, so know that faculty are working to make sure that the most appropriate format is used for your specific courses. You will need to check the course syllabus on Blackboard to determine the exact arrangement for each of your courses. 

SHSU has granted students the ability to request 100% remote delivery of a blended course.  Due to specific course requirements, some courses may not be able to be completed in a 100% remote option. The determination of the request is solely up to the discretion of the instructor.

How to request the remote option?

  • A new link was added to your blended course menu in Blackboard, titled “Request Remote Option”.
  • Click the “Request Remote Option”  link and follow the instructions displayed.
  • For help, contact the SHSU Online Support Desk, open 24/7, at or 936-294-2780.

Touring Campus

Campus tours are available in various formats to accommodate as many of our visitors as possible. We will continue to offer a mixture of virtual and in-person options, while making adjustments based on recommendations of safe practices and staff availability. You can register for a tour through the Visitor Center website. While in-person visits are limited to small sizes right now, a virtual tour is a great option to get to know campus. A SAMbassador will lead the online visits and there will be a live chat available to answer all of your questions, just like they would if you were visiting in person. When you register for an online campus visit, you will receive an email with login details and additional information. If you have any questions, please email

Face Covering Requirements

Face coverings are required indoors and outdoors on Sam Houston State campuses unless you are in a private space or are engaged an activity for which wearing a covering is impractical (such as eating).

For more information about face coverings, view the face covering FAQ. 

Precautions and Cleaning

Across campus, precautions are being taken to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing measures are being taken to reduce density on campus by 50%.  Additionally, SHSU has installed signage across campus to direct traffic and enhance social distancing.

Facilities Management has implemented enhanced cleaning protocol across campus to minimize the spread of COVID-19. In addition to cleaning commonly used areas and restrooms a minimum of three times a day, Facilities Management has established protocols for cleaning areas that have been compromised with the coronavirus.

For more information about cleaning procedures, view SHSU's comprehensive cleaning protocols.