Cleaning Procedures

  • Once confirmed that an area has been compromised call 936-294-1869
  • The department where the compromised space occurred will secure the area to prevent anyone else from entering.
  • Personal items should be removed and/or stored in secured storage as the space is vacated.
  • Upon receiving notice of a need for comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting, Facilities Management will
    • mobilize after the infected individual has vacated the space in accordance with CDC guidelines. A disinfectant will be applied with an electrostatic sprayer that disperses an aerosolized liquid product that settles on all surfaces and exposed material. The application must incubate for 30 minutes;
    • as soon as practicable, after the 30 minute incubation period, a Comprehensive Cleaning Crew from Facilities Management performs a complete wipe down of everything in the secured space
    • spray a second application of disinfectant after the Comprehensive Cleaning; and
    • release the disinfected space for occupancy no longer than 30 minutes after the second application.
  • Custodial personnel clean commonly used areas and restrooms a minimum of three times per day. Aerosolized disinfectant is applied to all occupied building spaces as frequently as possible but not less than every 30 days. Some areas may receive more frequent applications due to high volume of usage and/or density.