Concealed Carry

Effective August 1st, 2016, a license holder may carry a concealed handgun on or about the license holder's person while the license holder is on the campus of an institution of higher education. Sam Houston State University recognizes the right of individuals licensed to carry concealed handguns to do so on campus.

Who can carry. Individuals who are 21 years of age and who currently possess a handgun license from the State of Texas or an approved reciprocating state may legally carry a concealed handgun on or about their person.

Storing a handgun. The handgun must be stored as outlined in your licensing requirements and the SHSU Policy

Prohibited Concealed Carry Locations

Collegiate and UIL athletic events, health and counseling centers, and other areas identified in our policy. Signs will clearly identify our PCCLs around campus. Events meeting Prohibited Concealed Carry Location criteria per SHSU Policy, submit a request for signage placement coordination. PCCL request must be made 90 days in advance of event.

Read PCCL Policy Request PCCL Location