Personnel Time Report Instructions

Electronic Documents

For assistance with completing Leave Reports, please see the following document:

Leave Reporting Guide

For assistance with completing student and hourly time-sheets, please see the following document:

Web Time Entry Guide

For assistance with approving timesheets and leave reports, please see the following document:

Approving Time Sheets and Leave Reports Guide

For assistance with completing non-exempt timesheets online, please see the following document:

Non-Exempt Web Time Entry

Paper Documents
The following information serves as guidelines for Graduate employees who must report their leave on paper, and for any employees that miss the online deadline.
  1. Leave reports and time sheets are due by 5:00 pm on the second working day following the end of a pay period. Due dates can be found here:
  2. Time should be reported in 15 minute intervals effective December 1, 2010.
  3. Employees of Sam Houston State University that have a FACULTY (effective June 1, 2002), EXEMPT or GRADUATE title (effective January 1, 2010) will need to complete a leave report on an exception basis only, i.e. only when leave from the workplace has been taken for sick leave, vacation leave (where applicable), bereavement, military, jury duty, and leave without pay. When the employee has not taken any leave, no leave report is necessary. This change of policy is effective for Faculty, Exempt and Graduate status employees only.
  4. All non-exempt staff must complete a time sheet for each payroll period. Time sheets must be completed and signed with the employee's legal signature. Use only ink, pencil or rubber-stamped signatures are not acceptable.
  5. Both the department head and the employee must sign printed time sheets. In the absence of the department head, an authorized alternative designee should sign. Each department must furnish the Payroll Office with sample signatures of those persons that are authorized to sign leave reports and time sheets. Blank signature forms are available at our "forms" link or in the Payroll Office.
  6. Employee should not sign time sheets and/or leave reports that are not correct and/or incomplete. Signatures verify the accuracy of the information and time recorded on these documents.
  7. Unsigned hourly time sheets will not be processed. Do not send unsigned hourly time sheets to the Payroll Office. However, unsigned salaried leave reports or time sheets should be forwarded to the Payroll Office for processing. The employee should be directed to the Payroll Office immediately on return to complete any appropriate forms. Hourly time sheets should be held at the department for employee signature.
  8. The employing department is responsible for the accuracy of the reported time. Therefore, the signature of the department head or designee will be considered verification of reported time. Time should be recorded as worked (i.e., do not estimate time worked, and do not incorrectly record hours worked to produce a set amount of pay). Portions of hours worked should be recorded in 15 minute increments as indicated in #2 above.
  9. Corrections or changes made on leave reports or time sheets should not be "whited out". Rather, draw one line through the error and insert the correction above the error. The department head or the employee must initial corrections.
  10. Time sheets and/or leave reports should be hand delivered to the Payroll Office. Do not mail the forms to the Payroll Office.
  11. Time sheets and/or leave reports received by the deadline in the Payroll Office will be processed for the next applicable payroll. The processing deadline is 5:00 pm on the second working day after the end of the pay period. Time sheets and/or leave reports that are received in the Payroll Office after the deadline will be processed for the next succeeding payroll period.

Leave reports require that the following information be provided:

Begin and End Date of Pay Period (ex: 1/16/10 - 1/31/10)

Sam ID

Employee Name

Position Number

Organization Code

Employee Class

Department Name

After completing this information, please indicate leave by checking the

appropriate type of leave taken, the dates of absence and the total amount of

time taken.

The following is a step-by-step guide to the various parts of a standard time report:

Employee Identification Information:

Please see that the pay period dates, name, sam id, position number, employee class, department name, organization code, and FTE are completed if using a blank time report.

BBF (Balance Brought Forward):

Keep track of the total time shown on the previous time report for a work week that is split between two pay periods. This is considered the "balance brought forward" and will enable you to correctly report hours for a split week without referring back to the previous time report.

PP (Pay Period):

Indicates the ending date of the time being reported.


Dates and days for the pay period should be entered here.

Regular Hours:

Report regular hours worked each day. Minutes should be recorded using 15 minute increments. If more than 8 hours are worked, the extra hours become overtime when 40 hours have been physically worked for the week.

PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with Leave Interpretation 89-03 from the Texas State Auditor's Office, an employee budgeted to work less than 100% FTE can not earn state compensatory time until the combination of hours worked and leave hours taken exceeds 40 hours. The time worked in excess of budgeted hours, up to and including 40 hours, must be claimed on the time sheet under the heading of Equivalent Hours.

Equivalent Paid:

Report hours to be paid in excess of 40 reported hours, but less than 40 physically worked hours. The reported hours would be a combination of regular hours worked, and vacation, sick, compensatory time taken or administrative leave taken.

Overtime Paid:

Report hours to be paid in excess of 40 physically worked hours, as allowed by Human Resources policy ER-3.

Compensatory Earned at Equivalent Time:

Report hours in excess of 40 reported hours that are to taken off at a later time.

Overtime Compensatory Earned:

Report hours that are in excess of 40 physically worked hours that will be taken of at a later time.

Vacation Taken:

Report hours taken as vacation.

Sick Taken:

Report hours taken as sick. If more then 24 consecutive hours are used, a doctor’s statement or other written statement must be submitted.

Equivalent Compensatory Taken:

Report hours taken that were previously earned and recorded as Compensatory Earned at Equivalent Time.

Overtime Compensatory Taken:

Report hours taken that were previously earned and recorded as Overtime Compensatory Earned.

Administrative Leave Taken:

Report time that was not worked but does not impact vacation, sick, or compensatory balances. Hours should be reported in this column and explained in the next column.

Type of Administrative Leave Taken:

Enter the type of leave taken in the Administrative Leave Column and indicate the type of leave next to the hours entered. Explanations and/or attachments must be submitted for bereavement, military, emergency and jury duty leaves.


Enter the total for each column. (Under regular hours, each day identified as a holiday counts for the number of hours regularly worked that day as a benefit eligible employee.) If an employee actually works on a holiday, the hours are reported as equivalent time paid or earned, as allowed by the supervisor.

BCF (Balance Carried Forward):

If a pay period ends in the middle of a week, the totals for the partial week are reported in this area and then in the BBF area of the next time report.


If sick time was taken to be with a family member or dependent, please indicate relationship to employee.


If bereavement time is taken, please indicate name of deceased and relationship to employee.

Employee/Department Head Signature:

Original legal signatures of the employee and supervisor are required. By signing, each person is certifying the correctness of the information reported, and the supervisor authorizes payment. Under no circumstances should a time sheet be signed before the hours are filled in.