Conduct and Grievance Reporting

Student Conduct 

Students at Sam Houston State University must adhere to the Student Guidelines. Information specific to student organizations in the Guidelines can be found here. 

Report a Grievance

There are multiple ways a student organization and/or student organization advisor may report a grievance regarding an organization:

  • The Department of Leadership Initiatives
  • The Dean of Students' Office
  • The Office of Equity and Inclusion 

If the grievance is related to the organization's members, conflict resolution, constitution, events, t-shirts, raffles, risk management, treasurer training, or officer or advisor transitions, please contact the Department of Leadership Initiatives.

If the action is a) in violation of written campus policies or procedures or b) constitutes arbitrary, capricious, or unequal application of written campus policies or procedures, then the grievance should be filed through the Dean of Students' Office. Instructions for filing through the Dean of Students' Office can be found here.

If there has been an incident of sex discrimination, sexual harassment (including sexual assault), or sexual misconduct, please consult with and/or report to campus Title IX Coordinators in the Office of Equity and Inclusion.