Cybersecurity Continuing Education Guidelines

Awareness is My Armor shield. Stating the following information: The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) requires one to three hours of cybersecurity continuing professional education each fiscal year.

This is in addition to the Annual Cybersecurity Awareness training provided by IT@Sam. 

Follow the below steps to ensure you complete the necessary Information Resource Employee (IRE) requirements.


Circle 1Determine Your IRE Level
Simply put, ALL SHSU employees who use a SHSU computer system to perform their daily job functions are considered an IRE. Review the IRE level descriptions below to verify your required training hours.

Classification Description Education Requirement
Not an IRE Employees who do not use a computer or interact with SHSU Computer systems and data on a regular basis. N/A
IRE Level 1

Applies to employees, including student workers, who have access to view and interact with data on SHSU computer systems, but do not manage or configure systems.

Most SHSU employees are at least a level one IRE. 

1 hour*
IRE Level 2

Applies to any SHSU employee who is an administrator for a computer system, such as our functional owners and system administrators. This level includes IT@Sam employees along with data owners, functional owners, and campus business process owners. 

(Examples: Talent Management, Blackboard, Admissions, Hiring, Payroll, etc.)

3 hours*

* If you are a new employee, your hours are reduced based on your hire date, however, you will be required to obtain the full amount the next fiscal year. 

NOTE: If you need help determining whether you are a level one or level two IRE, give us a call and one of our technicians will be happy to assist. 

Line_Blue-01Circle 2Take Your IRE Training NOW
We encourage you to take the security training that is beneficial to you in your specific like of work. If you are a functional owner of a Banner process, see if Ellucian provides any security trainings related to your process. 

Need ideas for training? The IRE training site is full of information regarding training options, resources, and more

Complete Training Button-01

Line_Blue-01Circle 3Certify Your Training
Last Step! Once you complete your training, use the the appropriate button below or go to Talent Management to certify your required training hours

Level One Button-01

Level two button-01


DON'T FORGET: Your Annual Cybersecurity Awareness training does NOT count toward this IRE training requirement. 

For questions or assistance, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk