IRE Training Resources

IRE Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits

After you have determined your IRE Level, you will need to participate in qualified activities to meet your hourly requirements. There are three options to obtain the required number of CPEs for your IRE Level.

Category Description Qualifying Percentage
A Attending a qualified educational event such as a conference, seminar, or training class May be used to satisfy up to 100% of an IRE’s yearly hours
B Presenting at qualified educational events May be used to satisfy up to 33% of an IRE’s yearly hours
C Certifications may be used to satisfy the yearly guidance. Certification must be reviewed and approved to qualify

Examples of Acceptable Training

Having trouble finding training? There are a number of trainings that are provided through LinkedIn Learning that qualify for CPE. Here are just a few.

As you complete your training, don't forget to log this training in Talent Management as external training to also get the credit towards your annual training requirements for the university. Once you have completed your training, certify that you have met your requirements.