Viewing Encrypted Email on Android devices

1. Download the Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) application from an approved store:

Office 365 Message Encryption Viewer (OME)

2. Open the attachment named: message.html from the received email.

It will open in the OME Viewer:

OME Viewer Message

3. At this point you have two options to open the message.
A. If you have a Microsoft account (an account that lets you sign into Microsoft services such as OneDrive, XBox Live, etc), click Sign in and go through the sign in process. The message body will be displayed:

Testing Encrypted Email

B. If you do not have a Microsoft account you can choose to have One-time pass code sent to you. Click on the Use a one-time passcode link.

Use a one-time passcode

You will receive an email from Microsoft with your One-Time passcode.


4. Enter the passcode provided.

Enter the passcode provided

The message will be displayed.