Bearkats Abroad Ambassador

  • What is a Bearkats Abroad Ambassador?
    • A Bearkat Abroad Ambassador serves as a student liaison between the Bearkat population and the Study Abroad Office. Bearkat Abroad Ambassadors will communicate with the SHSU community through blog posts. Upon returning to SHSU, students will organize and participate in study abroad programming throughout the upcoming semester.
  • What do Ambassadors do?
    • Be an official student representative for the Study Abroad Office
    • While abroad, write blog posts weekly or take appropriate photos using a SHSU provided camera. Contribute to our blog and our social media!
    • Upon returning, actively participate in Study Abroad related programs and activities
    • Those duties consist of organizing and participating in study abroad events, tabling in the Frank Parker Plaza, participating in our media campaigns, and talking with students about your personal study abroad journey, and sharing your pictures for our social media accounts!
  • What are the requirements to be an ambassador?
    • Be a current SHSU student for at least one semester after your study abroad or study away experience (*Study Away Experience locations must be in Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands, Canada, or Guam)
    • Maintain a 2.75 GPA and be in good academic standing
    • Have study abroad experience from any SHSU study abroad program or National Student Exchange Program (*Study Away Experience locations must be in Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands, Canada, or Guam)
    • Write a personal statement (150 Words)
  • What are the benefits?
    • Develop writing or photography skills
    • Develop public speaking and event organization skills
    • Network with study abroad alumni
    • Study Abroad Polo
    • Graduation Cord
    • Professional Recommendation – Letter upon request
  • When do I apply?
    • Fall: Feb 1 - May 1
    • Winter Break: Sept 1 - Nov 1
    • Spring: May 1 - Nov 1
    • Summer: Nov 1 - Feb 1
  • Where do I apply?
    • Scholarship awarded for Spring 23 and on:
    • All semesters: $2000
    • *$1000 will be given before departure. The other $1000 will be given after one semester of Bearkat Abroad Ambassador work.
    • You may also apply to the SHSU Study Abroad Scholarship for additional funding.
    • Scholarship in Scholarship4kats

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