Courses, Grades, and Credits


All courses taken while on exchange are pre-approved prior to leaving SHSU. The SHSU Course Equivalency Form denotes how many credits will be accepted and the specific requirement each course satisfies.

When participating in an NSE exchange program under the Home Pay option you pay SHSU tuition and attend one of the member institutions. You will automatically be registered in NSEB 1000 courses and these courses will charge you SHSU tuition and fees. Once transcripts from your program abroad are sent to SHSU the NSEB 1000 courses will be replaced with the pre-approved courses on your Course Equivalency Form. The courses will transfer back as in-residence courses since you pay SHSU tuition. One difference with NSE exchange courses is that they do not transfer back with a letter grade. We will process them as Credit or No Credit (pass/fail). This means that your GPA will not be affected, but the courses will count towards credits completed and towards degree completion.

To find courses available at your host institution check out their course catalog and course schedule.