NSE Information for Academic Advisors


Who are National Student Exchange students (NSE)?

  • NSE students are undergraduates of any classification and major
  • They comprise of outgoing students from Sam Houston State University exchanging to a host campus or incoming students temporarily visiting from their home campus
  • Exchanges last from one semester to one academic year

How can an academic advisor assist an outgoing NSE student?

What is the SHSU Course Equivalency Form?

  • This form is provided by the outgoing student and signed by the student and academic advisor prior to the exchange
  • This form lists the courses the student plans to enroll in at their host campus for the semester or academic year
  • The academic advisor reviews the host campus courses that the department chairs have approved to determine how many (and which courses) are applicable to the student's degree plan
  • The academic advisor may write additional comments pertaining to the exchange, if applicable

What should an outgoing NSE student do prior to making an appointment with an academic advisor?

  • Complete their profile information on the front of the SHSU Course Equivalency Form
  • Received course equivalency approvals from SHSU department chairs
    • Some students might come to you before they have met with department chairs to discuss their degree plan and what course to focus on during their exchange

What should an academic advisor do if an outgoing NSE student attends an appointment but is unprepared with these materials?

  • Reschedule the appointment until the student is sufficiently prepared
  • Direct the student back to the NSE Coordinator for further instructions

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