University 1101 Learning Frameworks

University 1101 Learning Frameworks is a course designed to help meet transitional needs of students new to Sam Houston State University. The course encourages best practice for resilience and resource use in new environments, helps students develop research-based strategies for life-long learning, and thus improves your marketable skills. Course content includes class discussion, student participation, and involvement in the university community. Peer mentors, writing and math centers, speakers, and events are commonly used resources.  Please check with your academic advisor to see if this course is right for you!

UNIV 1101: Learning Frameworks

A one credit hour first-year seminar course designed to enhance the experience for students new to Sam Houston State University. Students explore the science of learning, cognition, and motivation to develop and apply self-directed learning skills to their own academic programs and career development. 1 credit hour, meets two hours per week.

Prerequisite: None. Open to all first year students (first-time and transfer) with less than 60 hours of college credit. Students with junior and senior status will need to contact the First-Year Experience Office for approval.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Adapt best practice for resilience and resource use in new environments.
  2. Align learning theory to coursework and to college/career plans.
  3. Identify marketable skills and produce a tangible outcome, project, or plan.
  4. Enhance critical thinking, self-awareness and metacognitive thinking through self-reflection and evaluation of the tangible outcome, project, or plan.

Textbooks (No cost to students)

  1. Online Educational Resources (OER)
  2. SHSU Common Reader

The one-hour course focuses on core competencies of critical thinking, communication skills, social responsibility, and personal responsibility assessed through milestones and artifacts related to current topics of student need and interest.

Academic success strategies are intentionally embedded through learning theory, resource use, and career focused assignments that promote engagement in uncovering and identifying strengths and evaluating college/career opportunities designed to have students apply  new ways of knowing and thinking to college assignments and enrich  future advising/career decisions.

Whether the course is intentionally linked with other courses (FLC, FLLC, LLC) or offered in conjunction with non-linked course offerings, think of each course section as a student learning community.

Contact Information:

First-Year Experience Office
(936) 294-3422