University 1101 Learning Frameworks

Each section of UNIV 1101 has an instructor and an embedded Peer Mentor. Peer mentors work with students individually and in small groups to ensure personalized attention. Students explore career paths, connect to campus resources and services and learn to develop and apply self-directed learning skills to their own academic programs and career development. Prerequisite: None. Open to all first-year students (first-time and transfer) with less than 60 hours of college credit. Students with junior and senior status will need to contact the First-Year Experience Office for approval. 1 credit hour meets two hours per week.

Please check with your academic advisor to see if this course is right for you!

SHSU has a variety of specialized sections of UNIV 1101. See if one is right for you today!
  • Bearkat Learning Community

    Bearkat Learning Community UNIV 1101. The Bearkat Learning Community sections of UNIV 1101 are arranged by interest and/or major. Our Bearkat Learning Community UNIV 1101 are offered in Mondays and Wednesdays from 2pm-2:50pm

    Currently we offer:
    • COE: Students who want to be teachers.
    • STEM: STEM majors.
    • TRIO First Generation: TRIO students and students who are a first-generation college student.
    • COHS Health Careers: Students interested in health careers.
    • CHSS People Helping Professions: Students interested in careers helping other people.

  • CAM

    The CAM UNIV 1101 is for students in the College of Arts and Media who live in Belvin-Buchanon Hall as part of the CAM Creative Community. This section allows students to explore career options in the arts and media and to help manage their time as they balance rehearsals, auditions, and events. The peer mentor for this UNIV 1101 is a CAM student.

  • Honors College

    Honors College UNIV 1101 sections are highly recommended for incoming freshmen who are in Honors College. These sections focus on career research that compliments student strengths and interests which are examined and aligned with college major and minor choices. Students receive academic and personal survival tools, are made aware of campus resources and services, get to know other students, and have fun.

  • Pre-Law

    The Pre-Law UNIV 1101 is for students interested in legal careers. This section allows like-minded students to explore opportunities in the legal field, participate in activities that provide information about law schools and law-related professions, and engage with legal professionals. Students in the pre-law section have the opportunity to take a Mock LSAT, attend seminars on graduate and law schools, participate in a Mock Law Class, and take field trips to law schools. With one of the largest groups of pre-law students in the country, SHSU’s Pre-Law UNIV 1101 is a great way to get a head start on your law career!

  • Smith-Hutson

    The Smith-Hutson UNIV 1101 is for students who have received a Smith-Huston scholarship. This section helps build a community of scholars who engage in service and leadership opportunities, and who value academic achievement. We engage in our Mission to Learn Together. Serve Together. Lead Together.