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The Scholarship Team in the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office coordinates and administers Sam Houston State University scholarship programs for all student classification levels.  SHSU utilizes a streamlined application, Scholarships4Kats.  This application dramatically simplifies the process for students by importing key information from their student data record and allowing them to be automatically considered for all relevant scholarships.

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  • Scholarships4Kats Priority Date: November 1st
  • Students are notified via mail from the department offering the scholarship and via e-mail from the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office if they are awarded.  Students can also view their award packages on their Self-Service Banner.

How to Apply

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Useful Scholarship Information

Eligibility for scholarships (What are general qualifications? FAFSA?)
While financial aid is based on need, scholarships are primarily awarded on the basis of academic merit, leadership, honors, extracurricular activities and other criteria. To be considered for these and other scholarships, you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

Scholarship Notification

  • Once a recipient is selected an Award Letter is emailed to the student’s SHSU email account.
  • Awarded Scholarships can be viewed by logging into My Sam using the student's username and password.
  • Scholarships are listed in the financial aid section at the bottom of the My Account tab on My Sam.


How do scholarships impact other financial aid awards?
While scholarships are based on merit and academic achievement, they are still considered part of your financial aid package. They are counted towards your overall package along with grants, work-study, and loans. Federal and state financial aid programs require that students not receive financial aid in excess of one's cost of attendance. Need based aid, (such as grants and subsidized loans) also must remain within a student's financial need as determined by their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

If you are awarded a scholarship, waiver, and/or tuition exemption and you are or will be receiving financial aid through Sam Houston State University, you must notify our office of your award. Your counselor will help determine if the award necessitates a revision of your financial aid package.

Requirements for scholarship renewal
Once awarded a scholarship, please read the terms and conditions in your Self-Service Banner for continued eligibility requirements, if any. If the scholarship is renewable, it may require you to submit a new application each year. You may need to maintain a minimum GPA. You may be required to complete a certain number of credits or specific courses. Scholarships frequently require a minimum level of enrollment. If you fall below the minimum or fail to enroll a semester, you may lose the scholarship. If you struggle with a course and consider dropping, please do not do so until you have talked to your adviser and a scholarship representative from the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. Dropping one or more courses below full time may impact your scholarship.