An “Incident” is an occurrence that may affect the university and/or it’s student’s or employee’s property, health, well-being or reputation. All incidents should be reported as outlined below.


Documents for Every University Vehicle

The university Do’s and Don’ts sheet and auto insurance cards should be placed in every vehicle.

Auto Accident Do's & Don'ts

Insurance Card

Use the following steps when involved in an auto accident.

  1. Safety First

    Make sure everyone is OK. If needed, dial 911 and administer first aid.

  2. Report to Police

    Contact the police if appropriate and cooperate with the police when they arrive.

    University Police
  3. Secure information from the other driver

    • Driver's License
    • Insurance Card
    • License Plate
    • Vehicle Details
    • Names of any passengers
    • Responding law enforcement name, agency, & report number
    • Witnesses names & contact information
  4. Take pictures of everything

    • Damage to all vehicles
    • Scene of the accident
    • Street signs
    • Information gathered
  5. Complete Auto Claim Report Form

    Auto Claim Report Form
  6. Email completed report form & photos


Use the following steps to file an injury claim.


Work-related injuries should be reported to your supervisor. Housing-related injuries should be reported to your Residential Advisor (RA). Any other injury should be reported to Compliance & Insurance via phone or email.



Employees should report work-related injuries online, then follow up with Human Resources.

Report Injury Human Resources


Any visiting community member may report an injury to Compliance & Insurance via phone or email.