Check Cashing & Returned Payment Policy

Check Cashing

All faculty and staff check cashing will be performed at the Cashier’s in the Estill Building. Certain rules will be the same as those currently in effect for students, some of which follow:

  1. Texas Driver's license and SHSU ID will be required.
  2. Check cashing will be limited to $100.00 a week, $50.00 maximum per check.
  3. Past due balances must be paid before a check will be cashed.
  4. All returned checks will be handled by the Student Financial Service/Cashier’s Office which charges $25.00 on each returned check.
  5. Three (3) returned checks at SHSU will result in the loss of check writing privileges for at least one long semester.

Returned Payment Policy

A returned payment is one returned to the University rightfully unpaid due to no fault of the bank or the University. The payment may have been made by the student or on his/her behalf by a spouse, guardian, friend or sponsor.

The University reserves the right to refuse to accept personal checks of any student who previously had a check or checks returned.

Return Payment Procedure

A $25 processing fee is charged for each returned payment. Students have 10 days from the date of Student Financial Services/Cashier’s notification to pay the returned payment and the processing fee or to contact the University. Failure to respond within 10 days may* result in the student being resigned from the University. Students resigned are eligible for reinstatement upon redemption of such payments, and the returned payment processing fee and the payment of a reinstatement charge of $50.00. A student who fails to make payment before the first day of final exams will not receive credit for the work done that semester and will not be allowed to register for future semesters until he or she pay the delinquent amount. In addition, checks may be referred to the District Attorney of Walker County for prosecution and collection.

Students will have the opportunity to be heard regarding any special circumstances. Such circumstances will be given full and fair consideration. The Cashier's or a delegated employee may grant an exception to the returned check policy, based on the evidence presented.

* The student should not assume that we are resigning him or her. If the student stops going to class without officially resigning from school, he or she will be subject to the grade of F.

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Tuition and Fee Payment Policy

Students must cover their balance in full prior to the first day of class each semester or they may be dropped from enrollment and lose their class registration. The Cashier’s Office at Sam Houston State University will offer students an option to pay tuition and fees in full or part by installment for fall and spring semesters of each academic year in accordance with Tex. Ed. Code Ann. § 54.007 and 54.0071 along with any additional statutes or rules that are established or may be established by the Texas Legislature, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, or Texas State University System. Enrollment drops for unpaid student account balances may only occur on the day before the first class day each semester, the 12th class day, and the 20th class day for long terms and 4th and 15th for the summer terms.

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Change Fund

  • Any office having to make change must establish a “change fund” which must be kept in a secure place.
  • This fund shall not be used for petty cash.
  • A written request must be made to the Vice President for Finance for the establishment of a “change fund”.
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