• How do I get a copy of my bill?

    E-Bills are loaded periodically to each student's Student Account Center which is accessed through the My Account tab within My Sam. An E-Bill is a snapshot of your student account on the day it is loaded to the student account center. If changes are made to your student account, the information in the E-Bill will not be accurate until a new E-Bill is loaded. E-Bills are not mailed.

  • Which credit cards are accepted for payment?

    VISA, MasterCard, Discover, China Union, JCB, and American Express are accepted online. Credit Card payments are not accepted in the Cashiers Office. E-Check payments are also accepted online. (Please note: All Credit Card Payments are charged an additional 2.85% convenience fee.)

  • Is a payment plan available and how do I elect to pay on a payment plan?

    A payment plan is available for current due tuition, housing, and dining during the fall and spring terms. Students may enroll in a plan once all past due charges from previous terms are paid in full.

  • How do students make payment online ?

    From the main SHSU website, access MySam. Choose the "My Account" tab. From here, locate the Cashier's Office Channel and click on the link for the "Student Account Center".

  • How can my parents view my account or make payment to my account?

    Parents may view and make payment to a student account through the Student Account Center beginning summer 2011. Students may grant Authorized User access to parents, guardians, and/or relatives through the Student Account Center which is accessible through the My Account tab in My Sam.

  • How do I set up an Authorized User Account?

    You will need to log onto MySam, click on the My Account tab, then click on Student Account Center. Once you are in the Student Account Center click on the tab Authorized Users. Follow the instructions from there.

  • As a parent, how do I access my students account now that I have been given a username and password for an Authorized User Account?

    Link to the Student Account Center Authorized User account here. (Summer 2011 and all following terms)

  • What is the definition of "the first class day"?

    The first class day for the Fall 2018 semester is August 22, 2018. Even if your class does not meet August 22nd this is still the first class day. A "class day" refers to University class days. It is not the number of days an individual class meets. Class days are counted from the first class meeting of on-campus daytime courses as indicated in the Academic Calendar.

    Example: August 22 is the first class day for the Fall 2018 Semester, even if your particular class doesn't meet until August 27. August 27 will be considered the 4th class day.

    Example: August 22 is the first class day for the Fall 2018 Semester, even if your particular class doesn't meet until August 27. August 27 will be considered the 4th class day.

  • When can I expect to receive my tuition refund for dropping a class?

    During the fall and spring semesters, tuition refunds are processed twice a week. Refunds are no longer held until after the twelfth class day. Please note that changes in your class schedule could result in additional money being due on your account, even if your account previously showed a credit balance. Once refunds are processed, the credit balance is no longer available to pay for additional tuition and fees. Refunds are sent to Bank Mobile, and they will process the refund according to the refund preference designated through the BearKat OneCard.

  • Where can I find out more information about online courses and programs of study?
  • If I am taking an online course, how much does it cost?

    Online courses are mandatory tuition and fees plus an additional $101.00 per credit hour for courses designated as online distance learning classes. For instance:

    12 Hours Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Cost is:  $4148.00

    One 3 hour class designated as distance learning is:  $303.00

    Total Cost:  $4451.00

  • What is the Tuition Set-Aside email about?

    The Tuition Set-Aside for Financial Assistance notification is sent to all students, as required by state law, who are enrolled for courses at Sam Houston State University for the current semester. This is to advise students that a portion of the designated tuition that they paid may be allocated to financial assistance programs. This does not mean that if you are currently receiving financial aid that you will be receiving additional awards/disbursement or that you will be refunded a portion of your semester charges.