Position budgeting refers to allocating funding for personnel costs. Unfilled positions may accumulate salary savings.

Funding a Position

Before seeking applicants for a position, financial managers should calculate funds required for the position. For designated funds and revenue funds, benefit costs should be considered. Upon selecting a candidate, account managers should ensure the funds are in the correct account.

Use these account codes when funding salaries and wages.

Code Employee Type
700801 Faculty
700802 Graduate Assistant Teaching
701001 Exempt Staff
701400 Student Employees
701401 College Work Study Student Employee
701402 Graduate Assistant Non-Teaching (Research)
701501 Non‐Exempt Staff
702000 Hazardous Duty Pay
702100 Overtime Pay
702200 Longevity Pay
702300 Lump Sum Termination Pay
702301 Vacation Payoff
702400 Termination Pay Death Benefits
703100 Emoluments and Allowances

To move funds into one of these accounts, submit a change of budget request.

How to Submit a Change of Budget

Benefits include fringe benefits and premium pay which are expenses directly related to an employee’s salaries and wages. Funds other than 110100, 140100, 120500, and 150101 are required to include benefits in their budget for each eligible employee. Contact your budget director for assistance.

Contact Your Budget Director

Use these account codes when funding benefits.

Code Benefits Type
703300 Employee Retirement Other
704100 Employee Insurance
704101 Retiree Insurance
704200 Payroll Health Insurance Contribute
704300 FICA State Match
706200 Workers Compensation
708600 ORP State Match
790900 Teacher Retirement Reimbursement
790901 Teacher Retirement 90 Days
790902 Teacher Retirement Contract
799008 Vacation Sick Accruals Grant

Salary Savings

“Salary savings” are those budgeted salary funds for a specific month which are not used when the month’s payroll is drawn. Salary savings may be realized in an individual account by (1) holding open an unfilled position, or (2) transfer, termination, death, retirement, or suspension of an employee. Salary savings may be utilized by the account manager with approval of the appropriate Vice President excluding fund the E & G (110100), Designated Tuition (140100) and Institutional Fund (150101).

Read Budget Procedures