Development Timeline

The development of annual budgets is part of a continuing planning process. This process includes setting realistic goals, identifying income and expenses, separating needs from wants, and prioritizing initiatives.

Budget Timeline

The timeline below illustrates the process used to develop the University’s annual operating budget for the ensuing fiscal year (September 1 to August 31). The development times are subject to change year to year.

Estimated Period Phase

Communicate & Train

Financial Planning & Budget (FPB) will distribute timeline and host trainings.

Jan ‐ Feb

Identify Needs & Prioritize

Department Heads will discuss their needs, then prioritize with their AVP, VP, and/or Dean, with the strategic plan in mind.

Submit Requests

With Vice President (VP) or Dean approval, department requests will be entered into Wdesk by designated personnel. Wdesk is the official budget request tracking software. Training is provided upon request, but limited to those designated by their leadership.

Feb ‐ Mar

Budget Hearings

VP/Dean, Provost and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) meet to consolidate budget requests and refine priorities.

Estimate Revenue

FPB estimates enrollment based revenue with Enrollment Management’s projected enrollment rates, while colleges and divisions provide other revenue estimates. Mandatory fees are distributed among colleges and divisions.

Mar ‐ Apr

Budget Salaries & Reconcile Base Budget

Directors of FPB reconcile budgets to Salary Planner and Budget Development.

Presidential Hearing

Deans & VPs present their budget requests or reductions to the Presidential Cabinet

May ‐ Jun

Merit & Faculty Market Process

If funding is available, the merit and faculty market process begins.


Award Letters Distributed

Award letters notifying departments of budget additions for upcoming fiscal year for newly funded initiatives, HEF funding, and fixed costs.

Balance Budget

FPB will balance the budget up to the division/college level by each fund.


Submit to TSUS

President presents budget to The Texas State University System (TSUS) Board of Regents.


TSUS Approval

The TSUS cabinet meets to review and approve budgets for all colleges in the system.

Finalize Budget

FPB conducts final budget review.