New Student Orientation

Sam Houston State University’s Orientation program is a wonderful opportunity to get questions answered and start navigating the logistics associated with starting college or transferring from one school to another. It is also an opportunity to make friends and have FUN! During your Orientation session you will:

  • Learn about campus resources and services
  • Meet with faculty and staff in your academic program
  • Get to know students from your major/program
  • View Residence Halls (may be unavailable for some sessions)
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor
  • Register for classes
  • Have a lot of fun with your Orientation Leader!

Orientation registration is available through individualized registration links. Students MUST ACTIVATE THEIR SHSU ACCOUNT after being accepted in order to receive a registration link. Links will be sent out every Tuesday and Thursday for students who have activated their account before noon the day prior.
Activate Your SHSU Account

NOTE: Orientation sessions are available by reservation ONLY. Students and guests with no reservations cannot be accommodated.