House Bill 2504


Pursuant to House Bill 2504 of the 81st Texas Legislature, each institution of higher education is required to publish certain course and financial-related information on its website. With regard to course-related information, SHSU is required to publish a course syllabus and faculty vita for each course section taught each semester.

To comply with HB 2504, SHSU developed a process by which department staff can upload course syllabi and faculty vita through SamWeb each semester.  For assistance with viewing and uploading course syllabi and faculty vita through SamWeb, please, reference the House Bill 2504 Guide.

Should a course not require a syllabus due to the nature of its content (one-on-one internships, theses, dissertations, independent studies, and practicums), please, ensure that the Administrative Coordinator: Special Projects for the Office of Academic Planning and Program Development is notified prior to the below posted per semester syllabi/vita deadlines.

Vitae are required to be updated annually. Therefore, while completing the syllabi and vitae requirements, please, verify that each vita is current.

For questions, concerns, and/or access to upload documents, please, contact Lisa Langlais, Administrative Coordinator: Special Projects, at or 936.294.2353.

2023 House Bill 2504 Deadlines

Semester 1st Class Day Syllabi / Vita Deadline

Fall (Full Term) 2023

August 21st

September 6th

Fall (7A) 2023

August 21st

August 25th  

Fall (7B) 2023

October 11th

October 17th

Fall (5A) 2023

August 21st

August 24th

Fall (5B) 2023

September 25th

September 28th

Fall (5C) 2023

October 26th

October 31st

Lisa Langlais
Coordinator, SHSU Special Projects
(936) 294-2353