Outreach Program Form

Please provide the following information. It will be used to help with scheduling and logistics. Some of it will also be used for the metrics selected to monitor the use and effectiveness of CBFS. Thank you.

Is there a specific location on the property where you wish to execute your program?

Important Information for Instructors

Please instruct students not to disturb the equipment that is in the field that may belong to other researchers.

Please stay clear of bird houses, unless they are clearly labeled “EBH” for Educational Bird House.

As part of our resource management philosophy CBFS is striving to provide access to abundant and diverse populations of fauna and flora. We are also working to protect and encourage populations that are sparse. Collecting specimens requires a Collection Permit.

Do not return and/or release live plants or animals into the wild populations without prior permission.

Please teach students to minimize habitat disturbances. Coverboards and pieces of tin are being placed along trails to facilitate observations of fossorial animals. We encourage everyone to look under them and report your observations. Ripping up rotting stumps and logs is prohibited. If you roll a log to look under it, please roll it back when you are finished.

No pets, no fires, no fireworks. Do not kill snakes. Shooting wildlife is prohibited.

CBFS is a natural area with all of the associated hazards. These include, but are not limited to; hazard trees, poisonous plants, venomous snakes, arthropods that sting and bite, diseased animals, poachers, potentially aggressive large mammals (feral dogs, hogs, etc.), tripping hazards, weather extremes, sharp objects, steep slopes, and flash floods. Dress properly and take appropriate precautions. Please make your students aware of these. If you need help with this or would like some training please contact Alan Byboth, Station Manager.