Re-engagement Alerts with Campus Connect

Information on Course Re-Engagement Alerts

The Academic Success Center and Sam Houston State University are committed to the continued success of students as they transition to an online environment for the Spring 2020 semester. Our goal is to equip faculty and staff with the tools they need to alert us to any students who have yet to re-engage with their instructors. As students begin to rejoin their classes online, please look out for students who have not been attending since March 23, 2020.

  • Reasons for Issuing an Alert
    • Student has not logged on to Blackboard since March 23, 2020
    • Student has not engaged in remote learning (synchronous sessions, etc)
    • A previously engaged student has not “shown up” for your remote course after the transition to remote delivery
  • When can I Issue an Alert?
    • The course Re-engagement alert opens at 7:00 am on Friday, March 27, 2020
    • The course Re-engagement alert closes at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, April 1, 2020
  • How do I Issue an Alert?
    • From your Professor Home, go to the section that says Students In My Classes and check the box next to a student you wish to alert.
    • NOTE - Although Campus Connect allows you to check more than one student at a time, you cannot issue multiple alerts this way. Please choose one student at a time
    Click Issue Alert in Campus Connect
    • Click on Actions, and in the Actions dropdown menu, choose Issue Alert
    Enter Student and Reason
    • Choose Course Re-Engagement Alert (no log-in since 03/23/20) for your alert reason
    • Choose the correct course from the drop-down menu
    • Click Submit
    • Repeat for other students as needed
    Enter Course and Submit
  • I Issued an Alert - Now What?
    • The course re-engagement alert will send the student’s name to Susanna Shupp, Assistant Director at the Academic Success Center
    • The student will receive an email outlining how to sign up for online resources at the Academic Success Center, how to connect with Blackboard's online assistance, and a point of contact for any additional issues
    • Depending on volume, within 48 business hours, a peer mentor or a professional staff member from the Academic Success Center will reach out to the student. ASC staff will make a minimum of two attempts via text or phone call to reach the student. If we are unable to reach the student, we will close the case and you will receive a notification via email.
    • If we do reach the student, we will have a success conversation with the student to connect him or her to resources. Based on what the student needs, our staff will connect the student to applicable resources and close the case using a reason which will be indicated in your notification email
        • Crse Re-Engage: Unable to reach student after two attempts
        • Crse Re-Engage: Referred to SHSU Online Support Desk
        • Crse Re-Engage: Referred to Dean of Students
        • Crse Re-Engage: Student reported no Internet service
        • Crse Re-Engage: Student reported re-engagement
        • Crse Re-Engage: Student logged in to class after assistance

      • These reasons may not be all-inclusive, but we believe they will identify most cases. Please feel free to send other case outcome suggestions it to; we will consider any suggestions and incorporate as appropriate, given our outreach workload and on-the-fly results!
  • Where can I see the Status of a Referral?
    • The alerts you issued and the case outcome can be viewed in your Professor Home page in Campus Connect
    • Log-in to Campus Connect with your SHSU credentials (click here)
    • From your Professor Home, go to the section that says My Issued Alerts and find the student or students of concern.
    • Click on the grey button under the Cases column to view more detailed information about a current or completed case for a student