Writing Center

  • A student helps another student with their writing.
  • Two individuals revise a paper.
  • View of the Writing Center from the inside.
  • Students collaborate on a computer to put a paper together.

Welcome to the Writing Center

The Sam Houston Academic Success Center for Reading and Writing serves the students, staff, and faculty of SHSU. Our goal is to help people become better writers and so develop more confidence in their writing abilities.

ASC tutors provide one-on-one and small group instruction for reading and writing.

We help students on assignments ranging from English composition essays to science lab reports, résumés, scholarship and job application letters, even M.A. theses and Ph.D. dissertations.

We help students learn preparatory prewriting, revising, and editing skills by working with them on the writing tasks they bring in.

What we can do

  • Generate ideas for your essay
  • Identify your target audience
  • Organize your paper
  • Improve your writing style
  • Identify and correct grammatical errors
  • Interpret an instructor's comments on graded papers and make suggestions on how to avoid specific problems
  • Teach you proofreading techniques

What we cannot do

  • Write for you
  • Help you on the day the paper is due
  • Tell you what to write
  • Proofread or correct the paper for you
  • Take responsibility for finding all your mistakes
  • Estimate the grade you may earn