M.A. in Experimental Psychology

Program Overview

The MA Experimental Psychology degree consists of 39 hours of coursework and can be completed in 2 years. This MA program is an experimentally oriented graduate program that provides broad training across the foundational fields of psychology, such as learning, cognition, physiology, social and developmental psychology. The program offers a thesis concentration and a pedagogy/teaching concentration. Traditional face-to-face courses with occasional online are offered at the main campus and intermittently at the Woodlands Center.

You are encouraged to explore this website further to find more information about the General Psychology Master's Program at SHSU. The links listed to the right will help you access this information including the application process and requirements. Many questions you may have are likely answered in the FAQ section.

Program Curriculum

Coursework focuses on the core scientific subdisciplines in the broader field of psychology, including:

Graduate Seminar in Experimental Psychology
Advanced Social Psychology
Advanced Cognitive Psychology
Advanced Physiological Psychology
Advanced Learning
Advanced Developmental Psychology
Advanced Statistics
Advanced Statistics II
Experimental Design

The curriculum also includes two graduate electives (6 hours) and two courses in a concentration (6 hours), which can be selected from thesis or pedagogy/teaching options.

What can I do with a Master of Arts in Experimental Psychology:

Graduates can pursue further doctoral studies in psychology, teach psychology courses in college, or seek research/analyst positions in the public or private sector. This program does not prepare students to conduct psychotherapy or psychological assessment


Shelley A. Riggs, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

CHSS 380



For general questions about the programs or application process, please contact:

Michelle Brown

Administrative Associate

CHSS 390

(936) 294-4933