Praxis invites scholars, performers and practicing music educators to submit articles pertaining to all aspects music education and teaching.  Articles submitted will be subject to peer review. Praxis also welcomes suggestions for topics for discussion in future editions. In addition, Praxis encourages readers to submit references and/or links to resources, articles, and other information that they have found to be relevant to music education and teaching.

Praxis encourages the use of links and embedded resources available to electronic publishing.

Articles should be submitted as a Microsoft Word Document to the Editor-in-Chief of Praxis, Brian Gibbs, at Submissions should include:

  • two or three summary sentences that may be used as an introduction for a link to the article, if published
  • a suggested list of keywords for search and reference
  • a brief biography and a link to your full biography online, if available

The author of the submission, who will grant Praxis permission to publish, will retain copyright. Material that is under copyright by someone other than the author (including attached or embedded resources) must be accompanied by written permission of the copyright holder. Links to copyrighted material online are acceptable.

All links to sources or materials should be verified for accuracy before submission. 

Praxis conforms to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.