Thoughts about our scope

We offer the third issue of Praxis to our colleagues in the music education community with the hope that it will continue to engage scholars, artists and practicing music educators in a productive dialog. The previous issues in the first volume focused on important topics, advocacy and mentoring.  The current issue is broader in scope, addressing a variety of topics that are relevant to music education and practice.  The intent is to open the discussion to a more diverse range of ideas and perspectives, in keeping with the mission of the journal.

Future issues of the journal may focus on a single aspect of teaching, but we do not want to limit the scope of the conversation or otherwise restrict the opportunities to address diverse topics. As a result, both issues in Volume 2 will include a range of topics and authors writing from a variety of perspectives.
Regardless of the range of topics presented, we will remain committed to publishing excellent work that is relevant to the practice of music education.

I am convinced that the future of education must be rooted in the free exchange of ideas. Arts education is vital for developing the cognitive and social skills needed to integrate and communicate productive thought. I hope you will find Praxis to be a healthy contributor to the conversation.

Matthew McInturf, Managing Editor of Praxis and Director of the Center for Music Education, is Professor of Music, Director of Bands and Director of the Center for Music Education at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.