Colleagues Offer Different Perspectives on Variety of Topics - Brian Gibbs

In this 2016 edition of Praxis, we are pleased to share another volume of wonderful articles by successful and scholarly colleagues in the field of music education. One article is coauthored by an accounting faculty member, and we are confident you will appreciate the value of his perspective. Tom Waggoner, Field Supervisor for Student Teaching at The University of Texas (UT) at Austin Butler School of Music and President of the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts, has provided us with an an insider’s perspective on legislation and policies that impact all music educators in Texas. Dr. Daniel Saenz, SHSU Assistant Professor of Cello has written a thoughtful article on integrating bow-arm developmental techniques into the study of musicianship and phrasing. Dr. David Vandewalker, the Coordinator of Music and Performing Arts for Georgia’s Fulton County Schools, has provided us with an informative article examining ensemble pedagogy for musical expression. Dr. Thomas Kloss, Assistant Professor of Music Education at Idaho State University and Dr. Dongkuk Lim, Assistant Professor of Accounting at Pepperdine Univeristy, submitted a wonderful research study on the benefits of private music lessons, including a return on investment analysis! Dr. Cory Meals, Associate Director of Bands at Kennesaw State University has written a fascinating article on the subject of autonomy in the ensemble setting, exploring several different options for expanding student ownership in the rehearsal process. I believe you will find each article to be informative and enlightening, and I look forward to hearing your comments.

Brian Gibbs, Editor-in-Chief of Praxis, is Associate Professor of Music, Associate Director of Bands and Director of the Bearkat Marching Band at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.