One of the cornerstones of CEMRAP is its new chamber organ. The instrument is modeled on an organ by an anonymous Italian maker built in the second half of the 16th century. Scholars believe that it was Anna Caterina Gonzaga of Mantua (Italy) who brought it with her in the early 1580s when she came to Innsbruck (Austria) to become the wife of Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria. It is worldwide the oldest of its kind, but still playable at its current location in the Silver Chapel of the Innsbruck Hofkirche.

Like in the original, the pipework in our new organ is made entirely of cypress wood (organo di legno, wood organ). Its maker, Giovanni Pradella, is one of the world’s most renowned specialists in Italian organs.


Principale 8' (in façade from c)
Voce umana 8' (treble)
Ottava 4'
Quintadecima 2'
Flauto in VIII 4'
Flauto stoppo 8'

Organ 1Organ by anonymous Italian maker around 1600 (Innsbruck, Austria)

SHSU Organ