Theresa Bodon, Ed.D.

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Theresa C. Bodon, Ed.D


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Dr. Theresa Bodon earned a Doctorate of Education in Literacy at Sam Houston State University. Bodon’s research goals are directed toward critical and multi-modal pedagogies centered on marginalized populations. Her interests include the study of literacy as a solution to pressing global challenges, focusing on topics related to culture and mass communication within migrant populations. Theresa conducted her research within an unregulated migrant and refugee camp in France studying the visual, written, and oral discourses addressed by refugees and migrants through filmmaking and social media platforms. Her doctoral research was presented internationally at UNESCO, Paris and UNESCO’s Global Media Information Literacy sector. Additionally, her work in media industries such as feature films and her experiences writing documentaries focuses on oppressed populations. Prior to coming to Sam Houston State University Dr. Bodon taught high school social studies in Alabama. Her teaching experiences in districts oppressed by poverty have indeed inspired her to continue to search for solutions to disparities within our U.S. and global cultures. She strives to explore existential issues that influence global revolutions through various media platforms.