Kiwon Seo, Ph.D.

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Kiwon Seo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office: DRCB 201C
Phone: 936.294.4036

Faculty & Staff

Kiwon Seo is originally from South Korea and has lived in the United States since 2005. His academic journey started from his undergraduate majors of Linguistics and Mass Communication, master’s program of Media Studies, and doctoral program of Communication Sciences. He is interested in a variety of issues in communication, including human, interpersonal, and media.


Associate Professor at Sam Houston State University (2021~)
Graduate Program Coordinator at Sam Houston State University (2018~)
Assistant Professor at Sam Houston State University (2015~2021)
Visiting Assistant Professor at Sam Houston State University (2014~2015)
Graduate Instructor, Research Assistant, & Teaching Assistant at Pennsylvania State University (2008~2014)
Research Assistant at Korea University (2003~2005)

Teaching Specialties

Communication Theory, Research Method, Social Influence-Persuasion Campaign, Media Criticism, Mass Media & Society, Social Media, and Online Communication.

Research Interests/ Recent Publications, Productions

Kiwon Seo’s research centers on the examination of stylistic effects of media messages on message persuasiveness. Specifically, he investigates how language variations of gain-loss framing and visual images affect persuasion through various mediators of message perception, cognition, and emotion.

Seo, K. (2020). Meta-analysis on visual persuasion: Does adding images to texts influence persuasion?, Athens Journal of Mass Media and Communications, 6, 177-190.

Seo, K., & Dillard, J. (2019). A process analysis of message style and persuasion: The effects of gain-loss framing and emotion-inducing imagery, Visual Communication Quarterly, 26, 131-145.

Seo, K., & Dillard, J. (2019). The persuasive effects of two stylistic elements: Framing and imagery, Communication Research, 46, 891-907.

Seo, K. (2016). Does adding images to texts influence persuasion? A meta-analysis of visual effects on persuasive texts. The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs at Sam Houston State University.

Kim, H. S., Brubaker, P., and Seo, K. (2015). Examining psychological effects of source cues and social plugins on a product review website, Computers in Human Behavior, 49, 74-85.

Dillard, J. and Seo, K. (2013). Affect and persuasion. In J. Dillard & L. Shen (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of persuasion (pp. 150-166). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

Seo, K., Dillard, J., and Shen, F. (2013). The effects of message framing and visual image on persuasion, Communication Quarterly, 61, 564-583

Education Communication Arts & Sciences- Pennsylvania State University (2014)

MA in Media Studies- Pennsylvania State University (2008)

MAC in Communication- Korea University (2005)

BA in Linguistics & BA in Mass Communications- Korea University (2003)


International Communication Association
National Communication Association
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

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