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Department of Geography and Geology - Applied GIS Program

Geographic Information System (GIS) is an important component of what is known as the new geography or geotechnology. GIS is one of the fastest growing applied technology fields in both business and government, with projected demand for individuals trained in GIS far exceeding the supply. Demand for those with training and expertise in GIS has experienced unprecedented growth in the recent decade and GIS is recognized as “one of the top technology fields in the United States”.

A GIS is a computer system for capturing, storing, querying, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced data. GIS is used in a wide variety of fields such as land use planning, forest management, habitat analysis, natural hazard assessment, law enforcement, oil and gas industry, public health, market analysis, facilities management, transportation planning, etc.

The Department of Geography and Geology offers a Master of Science (MS) degree and a graduate certificate in Applied GIS.

The Applied GIS graduate program will give students critical knowledge to succeed in the challenging world of geospatial technologies. This includes advanced classes and labs in GIS (ArcGIS), remote sensing (ERDAS IMAGINE), web-based mapping, model builder, Python programming, and spatial analysis. In particular, this program is designed to enhance an individual's knowledge in geographic information science and technology. Additionally, applications of the technology in the oil and gas industry, public health sector, parcel mapping, local government, law enforcement, national security, and market research are featured.

The GIS master's program offers two tracks: a Traditional track (thesis and non-thesis option) that offers a mix of online and face-to-face classes (offered at SHSU’s remote campus located at The Woodlands Center on Hwy 242) and a Professional track that is offered completely online.

The traditional track (thesis and non-thesis option) of the GIS master's degree is geared towards students with no prior experience/background in GIS or towards students who have completed an undergraduate degree with no work experience.

The professional track is geared towards professionals who are engaged in the geospatial industry for at least 2 -3 years, utilizing GIS for their day-to-day operations and decision making and aspiring for an advanced degree in GIS. The goal of the Professional track is to educate professionals with strong scientific and geospatial qualifications, geospatial management and business skill, and an in-depth understanding of GIS ethics and ethical practices in geospatial business.

For more information contact:

Dr. Falguni Mukherjee

GIS Graduate Program Coordinator 
Department of Geography and Geology

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