Master of Arts in Spanish

The 36-hour MA program in Spanish at Sam Houston State University will prepare students with the skills necessary for careers as instructors of Spanish in secondary and higher education institutions, for further doctoral study, and for entering the workforce as teachers, interpreters or bilingual employees in various industries and services. The program will provide a thorough grounding in practical fluency skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), pedagogical methodology, cultural, linguistic, and literary training in this high-demand field. The program will require the completion of a minimum of 36 hours credit and will consist of (Plan A) eight three-hour required courses plus four three-hour courses in prescribed electives, or (Plan B) eight three-hour courses from Spanish required and two three-hour Bilingual Education courses plus two three-hour courses in prescribed electives. (See Appendix A for the list of Spanish courses and Appendix B for a list of Bilingual Education courses). In Plan B students may choose from courses offered in Education with Spanish content (see list below). This non-thesis program includes both theory and application that is geared toward enhancing careerrelated skills and understanding Spanish culture. Moreover, it allows students to take additional courses in either the Spanish program or other relevant programs offered on campus to enhance their expertise in a desired area of emphasis.


All students will be required to take at least one Spanish Language and Linguistics course and at least one course each in Spanish and Spanish-American Literature. A student may take one 400-level Spanish course for graduate credit with pre-approval by the Department of Foreign Language. A student may take a 400-level course for graduate elective credit from another department with pre-approval by the Department of Foreign Language. To receive graduate credit for a 400-level course, the student must complete additional requirements beyond that required of undergraduates. These requirements will be outlined by the professor and shall appear in the course syllabus.



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