Dean's Office

Headshot of Dr. Stacey Edmonson

Dr. Stacey Edmonson

Dean, College of Education

Associate Deans

Headshot of Dr. Helen Berg

Dr. Helen Berg

Associate Dean of Student Success and Partnerships
Headshot of Dr. Dustin Hebert

Dr. Dustin Hebert

Associate Dean of Accountability
Headshot of Dr. Forrest Lane

Dr. Forrest Lane

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

Assistant Deans

Dr. Benita Brooks

Dr. Benita Brooks

Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Department Chairs

Headshot of Dr. Seth Olson

Dr. Seth Olson

Chair of Counselor Education
Headshot of Dr. Kathleen Rice

Dr. Kathleen Rice

Interim Chair of Educational Leadership
Headshot of Dr. Holly Weimar

Dr. Holly Weimar

Chair of Library Science and Technology
Headshot of Dr. Abbie Strunc

Dr. Abbie Strunc

Chair of School of Teaching and Learning


Dr. Matthew Olmstead

Dr. Matthew Olmstead

Senior Director of Strategic Operations & Projects
Jessica Sides

Jessica Sides

Assistant to the Dean
Shelie Goodwin

Shelie Goodwin

Director of Recruitment & Retention
Sara Miller

Sara Miller

Program Specialist of Recruitment and Retention
Sarah Nations

Sarah Nations

Specialist IV, Digital Creative Specialist
Erika Sutton

Erika Sutton

Administrative Coordinator I
Nicole Boston

Nicole Boston

Administrative Coordinator II
Kerry Berry

Kerry Berry

COE Grant Coordinator

Dean's Office Units


The overall goal of the College of Education Operations (COE) is to strategically align college-wide activities regarding budgetary decisions, communications and marketing, event services, travel, purchasing, and facilities management with department-level, college-level, and university-level strategic initiatives and goals.


The College of Education Communications Hub promotes the mission, vision and values of the college while strengthening our brand and elevating our position in the market. Our office serves as a liaison between the college and multiple university offices.

Event Services

The purpose of the College of Education Event Services is to provide support and direction for all college events.