The College of Education Communications Hub promotes the mission, vision and values of the college while strengthening our brand and elevating our position in the market. Our office serves as a liaison between the college and multiple university offices.

Meet the Team


The recruiting team’s objective is to help the college attract and enroll a diverse pool of candidates for each of our programs. We partner with program coordinators to help them strategically promote their programs. Digital advertising, publications, events, and a variety of communication tools (email, brochures, social media, webpages and more) are used to help accomplish enrollment goals.


The web team maintains the college webpages, managing requests for content updates, edits and revisions. The website is a marketing tool, for that reason content and site architecture decisions will be made by the COE web team in conjunction with the university web development and enrollment marketing teams.

Graphic Design

The COE design team oversee the visual identity of the college, assuring adherence to university branding guidelines. Our creative specialists work closely with the university Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) office and can assist with flyers, brochures, templates, promotional items, design elements and other creative needs by request.

Photography & Video

Our office provides professional photography and video services for the college and maintains the college photo share site and YouTube channel.

News, Email, Social Media and Digital Signage

We promote college initiatives, share accomplishments, announcements and event information in the college newsletter (N3), on the college social media accounts and on the digital signage in the Teacher Education Center and across campus. Our team covers events creates engaging content to connect with our target audiences.

Request Help with a Project

Priority is given to projects that are aligned with college goals and initiatives as directed by the dean and director of strategic operations. A minimum of 6 weeks lead time is requested for most projects.


College Marks

Department, center, office and program marks must adhere to the approved university layout and may not be altered. Design elements may be created to accompany a mark. The COE creative team works closely with SHSU Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) to assist with requested assets and ensure brand compliance. The downloadable files may be used as outlined by SHSU. Variations of these files or alternate file types may be requested for specific use (ie. promotional items).


Request a mark for a program, office, center or a variation of a mark for specific usage


University branding guidelines

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