Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty and Staff
    Dr. Haines photo
    Dr. Donovan Haines
    Department Chair and Professor - Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry
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    Dr. Hinze photo
    Dr. Meagan Hinze
    Assistant Professor - Organic Chemistry
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    Dr. Hobbs photo
    Dr. Christopher Hobbs
    Associate Professor - Polymer Chemistry
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    Dr. Thompson photo
    Dr. David E. Thompson
    Professor - Analytical Chemistry of Cyanide Antagonism, Nanosensing, and Calibration
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    Dr. Trad photo
    Dr. Tarek Trad
    Professor - Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology
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    Dr. Villalta photo
    Dr. Adrian Villalta-Cerdas
    Associate Professor - Chemistry Education
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    Dr. Williams photo
    Dr. Darren Williams
    Professor - Physical Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Solvent Blend Formulation, Industrial and Precision Cleaning Research
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    Mrs. Haines
    Mrs. Rachell Haines
    Assistant to the Chair
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    Mr. Steven Hegwood
    Steven Hegwood
    General Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator
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    Dr. Arachchilage photo
    Dr. Harshani Jayabahu Arachchilage
    Visiting Assistant Professor
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    Mr. Siyambalagoda photo
    Hemantha K. Siyambalagoda (Kumara)
    Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator
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Tenure Track and Tenured Faculty

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Non-Tenure-Track Faculty and Staff

Retired Faculty

  • Dr. Thomas G. Chasteen - Analytical, Bioanalytical, and Environmental Chemistry
  • Dr. Rick E. Norman - Bioinorganic and Transition Metal Chemistry
  • Dr. Paul A. Loeffler - Inorganic Chemistry
  • Dr. Melanie Rose - Instructor
  • Dr. Rick White - Organic Chemistry

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