Biological Sciences - Undergraduate Biology Program

Biology, the study of living things, is an exciting and dynamic field that offers many areas of focus. Students may choose to study how life forms function at the molecular, cellular, organismal or ecological levels. The biological sciences provide opportunities to study viruses, bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals and to investigate the biochemical, physiological, anatomical, behavioral, or ecological processes that make each organism unique.

The objectives of the Biology Program are:

(1) to present to the general university student the methods of science and the fundamental principles of biology;

(2) to provide students with broad foundation training in biology in preparation for professional careers in teaching, medicine, dentistry (and other health professions), biotechnology, industry, government and research; and

(3) to provide training in specialized fields as service to programs in Agriculture, Psychology, Health, Home Economics, Kinesiology, and others.

Students in the Department of Biological Sciences may choose from three degree programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

Specializations are available in General Biology, Zoology, Botany, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Biotechnology.

Careers in Health Professions, Biomedical Research, Wildlife Biology, Graduate School, Science Teaching are all possible choices for graduates of these degrees. 

Academic Distinction

Graduation with “Academic Distinction in Biological Sciences” is available at SHSU. This honor is recognized at the commencement ceremony, posted to the diploma, and to the academic transcript. Requirements for earning Academic Distinction are:

1) Student must complete six hours in the Academic Distinction program. This must be two semesters of a three or four hour credit version of BIO 495, Independent Study, with a selected faculty mentor. These credits by University rule cannot count towards any requirement in the degree plan, i.e. they must be in addition to normal graduation requirements.

2) Before a student enrolls in BIO 495 and declares an intention to earn Academic Distinction, the student must obtain written permission from the Department Chair, the Director of the Honors College, and the Academic Dean (Dean of Science & Engineering Technology).

3) Student must maintain a GPA in their major of 3.50 or above and overall GPA of 3.25 or above to be eligible for Academic Distinction.

If you are interested in the Academic Distinction program, please contact the Department Chair.


Undergraduate Environmental Science Program

The Environmental Science minor provides the student with concepts, methods, and practical/laboratory and field experience in environmental pollution assessment and pollution control technology. The program is designed to meet the growing demand for environmental scientists in government, industry, and consulting due to a growing body of environmental legislation.

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