Biological Sciences

Biology, the study of living things, is an exciting and dynamic field that offers many areas of focus. Students may choose to study how life forms function at the molecular, cellular, organismal, or ecological levels. The biological sciences provide opportunities to study viruses, bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals and to investigate the biochemical, physiological, anatomical, behavioral, or ecological processes that make each organism unique.

Students may pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in biology with four degree concentration options—forensic biology; environmental, evolutionary, and organismal biology (EEOB); cell and molecular biology; and integrative biology—or a Bachelor of Science in biomedical sciences.

Find Your Interest

  • Interested in a career aiding in crime scene analysis?

    Biology Degree with Forensic Biology Concentration

    Whether you are interested in a career working in a crime lab analyzing cellular and tissue samples or insect and animal/human remains to help identify victims and support criminal investigations, this degree and concentration is the first step forward to an exciting career in forensics.

    Trending Careers in Forensic Biology

    • Criminalist technician
    • Crime lab technician
    • Wildlife forensic geneticist
    • Crime scene technician
  • Interested in whole organisms and their place in the world?

    Biology Degree with Environmental, Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology Concentration

    Are you interested in how organisms live and interact within their environment? Or are you interested in natural resources? Students with a biology degree with this concentration have career opportunities that include conservation and natural resource management and research, environmental consulting, and working in zoos, natural history museums, parks and wildlife, federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, or as game wardens.

    Trending Careers in Environmental, Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology

    • Conservation scientists and foresters
    • Environmental scientists and specialists
    • Zoologist
    • Wildlife biologist
    • Environmental consulting
    • Technician in governmental agencies
  • Interested in cellular and molecular processes?

    Biology Degree with Cell and Molecular Biology Concentration

    Students with this concentration have career opportunities that include medical testing laboratories, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, or conducting research at government or university laboratories.

    Trending Careers in Cell and Molecular Biology

    • Clinical research assistant
    • Laboratory technician in industry and governmental agencies
    • Pharmaceutical and medical supply sales
    • Quality control in biopharmaceutical industry
    • Marketing for medical devices
  • Interested in an all-encompassing approach to understanding biology?

    Biology Degree with Integrative Biology Concentration

    This degree and concentration will prepare you for nearly any biology-related field. It provides a strong foundation in biology while allowing you to focus on biology subdisciplines that are of interest to you.

    Trending Careers in Integrative Biology

    • Animal behavior/training
    • Biological illustration
    • Botany
    • Ecologist
    • Science and environmental education
  • Interested in health-care related careers?

    BS in Biomedical Science

    Are you interested in understanding diseases like cancer, diabetes, or others? Whether you are interested in a career focused on investigating the cause of disease at the cellular molecular level, testing new pharmaceuticals, or developing treatment plans for patients, this degree is the first step forward into the field of biomedicine.

    Trending Careers in Biomedical Science

    • Biomedical lab technician
    • Biomedical researcher
    • Clinical scientist
    • Healthcare scientist
    • Medical sales representative
    • Medical writer
    • Science writer

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