SHSU Microscopy Center


     The Microscopy Center at SHSU is devoted to making all sorts of visual data available to faculty and students alike. High powered electron microscopes, laser scanning and wide field fluorescence scopes, digital microscopes, and more are all used for impacting research at Sam in a variety of fields. Though labs are found on the first and second floor of the Life Sciences Building, these machines see use from departments across the College of Science and Engineering Technology.

     An advanced microscopy course (BIOL 5394) is available to graduate students interested in learning some of the equipment available, offered by Dr. Justin Williams and Daniel Doucet during the fall. Scanning Electron Microscopy, an emphasis of the course, sees application beyond biology - often used by industry for quality assurance and research/development.

Contact: For equipment reservation, plans to visit, or other questions, please email our Microscopy Lab Coordinator, Daniel Doucet: