Program Costs

Not only is the Executive MBA a unique and quality-based program with a focus in banking and financial institutions, it is the best value for the money. The total program cost for a student over the two-year program will be $44,000* for domestic students and $60,000* for international students. First year payment of $22,000* (domestic student) or $30,000* (international student) is due by June 1 of entering year. Second payment of $22,000* (domestic student) or $30,000* (international student) is due by June 1 of second year.

* Program fee Subject to change

Program Fee Covers:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Books
  • Double occupancy room during the two-weeks in residence, as well as breakfast and lunch during the two weeks.

The only additional fees are the application fee, evening meals, and a graduation fee upon completion of the Executive MBA program

Items NOT covered:

  • Computer and software
  • Internet access
  • Travel costs to and from the program

The nature of the EMBA program requires purchase of goods and services prior to commencement of the program, therefore $1,000 of the EMBA program fee will be non-refundable after June 15 regardless of whether the student has paid or has not paid the full program fee. The student will be liable, barred, and responsible for $1,000 after June 15. A Commitment Form must be signed and on file for all students accepted into the program.


There are several Executive MBA scholarships available for incoming students. All students that have applied and received acceptance by May 1 will automatically be considered for these awards.

Additional Scholarships that require applications are as follows:

  • Texas Bankers Hall of Fame Scholarship – Deadline January 31 (First-Year Students eligible)

  • Texas Bankers Foundation – Deadline May 31 (First or Second-Year Students eligible)

If you plan to seek financial aid, you should apply well in advance of payment deadline.