The Uncommon Grad School

Many graduate programs offer online degrees in expected fields such as business and education. Sam Houston State University is a national leader in providing a wide spectrum of programming, all staffed by an excellent faculty. With degrees ranging from Communication Studies to Digital Forensics, from Homeland Security Studies to Public Administration, SHSU delivers programs that may seem a bit unconventional to online learning but fill important needs in the job market now and for the future. Take for example the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Environment (SAFE) degree, available completely online and focused on innovation in agriculture. Topics in the program range from sustainable energy, “backyard” animal production, and organic production, to basic agricultural entrepreneurship, all hot trends in thinking about food production for the future.  

And make no mistake, though there might be heavy competition in the fields of education and business, SHSU online degree programs in those fields stand a cut above. Whether measured by external accreditors such as the American Association of Schools and Colleges of Business or the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education or by the trust of employers and school districts across the state, SHSU online programs in business and education give graduates a real advantage. 

The College of Criminal Justice is a leader online as well. The Victim Services Management program was the first in the nation to focus extensively on victimology, victim service provision, advocacy and advanced topics in the study of crime victimization. This degree is tailored to system advocates who want to assist victims of elder abuse, child maltreatment, violence against women and human sex trafficking and help victims transform their lives.

With even just these few examples you might start to think, “I should have majored in that!” Don’t worry, it’s not too late. “I am beyond proud of graduate programming at Sam,” Graduate School Dean Ken Hendrickson said. “Our quality is outstanding. Online delivery has played a key role in graduate education, increasing access and availability for students everywhere. It is especially gratifying to see Bearkats with bachelor degrees rejoin the university online to take their credentials to the next level in graduate work. I encourage all alumni to contact us at The Graduate School to find out how your alma mater can help you once again to move your career in unexpected directions. A quality graduate credential will help set you apart from the crowd.”

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