Peary Perry

Sam Houston State University prepares students for meaningful lives of achievement by not only providing opportunities for career enhancement, but encouraging degree seekers to expand their aspirations to serve the public good.

However, what does higher education offer those who have already lived rich and satisfying lives?

Peary Perry, an Army veteran and retired undercover vice narcotics officer for the Houston Police Department, dedicated his career to improving the quality of life for others. At 76 years old, his pursuit of a master’s degree was not professionally driven. 

“I’m not your normal master’s student because obviously I’m too old,” Perry said.

“This was a challenge for me to pass on, not only to my children, but to my grandchildren and others that you are never too old to learn.”

— Peary Perry

A 100 percent online education allowed Perry the opportunity for individual growth and the chance to serve as a continued source of inspiration for others.

“Time will not wait for you. I am 76 and still learning,” Perry said. “I am saddened by those around me who have struggled in their careers due to a lack of a college degree. I believe that if you have time to watch television at night, then you have the time to go back to school and get the degree you need.”

Perry completed his master’s degree in history in 2018 and believes it brought him personal fulfillment and aided in his development as a well-rounded individual.

“I truly believe the more you exercise your brain, the more alive you happen to be.”

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