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Engineering Technology Students Build Solar Charging Stations For Huntsville

Aug. 28, 2020
SHSU Media Contact: Wes Hamilton

COSETIn fall of 2019, four seniors at Sam Houston State University, Bryan Nguyen, Nathan Scott, Job Stubbs, and Logan Fechner began a project for their Engineering Technology class to design and build sustainable charging stations that would also provide shading for the City of Huntsville Aquatic Center guests.

As a part of ACE classes at SHSU, Reg Pecen, College of Science & Engineering Technology faculty, and Joyce McCauley, executive director of the SHSU Center for Community Engagement, met with city manager Aron Kulhavy and Penny Joiner in August 2019 to propose a canopy system for the city pool that Pecen and his students would design and build.  The city expressed a great need for such a project and welcomed the collaboration.

“The system provides unique sustainable charging ports to consumer electronics including phones, I-pads and laptops, as well as much appreciated shade to the residents,” Pecen said.

portablecharging2The design stage of the solar project started in Fall 2019 by four senior students. When those students graduated in Fall 2019, additional students Lance Sebesta and Rachel Ross, both Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology students, continued to work on the project with Pecen and Keith Coogler, COSET faculty member.  Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic the project completion was delayed, however, students and faculty completed the project in August.

The City of Huntsville provided all the necessary material and parts including solar PV panels. For more info please contact Reg Pecen at 936-294-4137.

What is Academic Community Engagement?

Academic Community Engagement (ACE) is a teaching method that combines community engagement with academic instruction. The ACE initiative encourages students to use the skills, knowledge, and dispositions learned in the classroom to collaborate with community partners in making a difference in society. To learn more about ACE courses visit

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