LGBTQIA+ an inclusive term which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning, intersex and asexual and/or allies. While terms like this attempt to acknowledge many different groups, it’s worth noting that the LGBTQIA community is arguably not one group, but rather it is made up of many separate subsects not all in agreement on all terminology.

Sam Houston State University will appropriately respond to sexual misconduct and ensure access to education are the same regardless of the sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender presentation of a complainant or respondent. If you have witnessed or experienced discrimination, you are encouraged to submit a report regardless if you would like to follow through with the grievance process.

Report an Incident

Gender Neutral Restrooms

Lowman Student Center

1st Floor

100T1, 130T1, 140T1

Lowman Student Center

2nd Floor

200T1, 230T1

Lowman Student Center

3rd Floor


Beto Criminal Justice Center

A200T1, A200T2

Counselor Education Center

100T1, 100T2

Life Sciences Building


Powell Health & Counseling Center

100T1, 100T2

General's Market


Art Complex


Woodforest Athletic Center

130T1, 150T1


A campus wide effort that began in 2009. It was created to promote inclusion and advocacy on campus.

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