Testimonials from Institutional Leaders at Prior Participating Institutions

 “The Survey of Assessment Culture has been a useful tool for benchmarking faculty attitudes and perceptions about assessment practices on our campus and finding areas to enhance.”

         ~ Miriam L., Associate Vice President for Assessment and Accreditation

“As part of the accreditation efforts through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), our institution identified the assessment of student learning as its Quality Initiative (QI). This project’s primary goal is to develop consistently high quality and sustainable program and co-curricular assessment plans to guide continuous improvement. As such, it was invaluable to administer the Survey of Assessment Culture to collect data from faculty and student affairs professionals on their perceptions of and practices related to assessment. The data provided empirical insights on areas that needed attention. This information was used to guide and develop our institution’s Assessment Academy, a workshop series dedicate to enhancing assessment efforts on campus. “

        ~ Jana H., Director of Institutional Assessment

"Faculty were very curious about our campus' results. This led to many great conversations about the way we do assessment and our reasons for doing it...If given the chance, we will surely participate in the study again."

        ~ Mark S., Assistant Vice President of Assessment and Accreditation

"The Faculty Survey of Assessment Culture Data were helpful to our institution for uncovering faculty perceptions about assessment, clarifying the reasons we do assessment, and improving communication about assessment."

         ~ Heather S., Institutional Research and Effectiveness Specialist

"The faculty data helped our institution determine which programs were more or less supportive of assessment and adjust our ways of working with each program."

        ~ Margie H., Director of Assessment

"Our institution was fortunate to participate in the faculty survey because we learned much about the way faculty perceive the campus approach to assessment. We've made many policy and practice changes that have made assessment more 'faculty-friendly.'"

        ~Lisa S., Assessment Coordinator