Animal Science:
Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor of Science

Available: On Campus

The Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with Pre-Veterinary Medicine concentration from Sam Houston State University is a great first step on the educational path to becoming a veterinarian. The concentration is designed to provide the preprofessional training necessary to prepare students for admission to veterinary college. The program of study includes all of the prerequisite classes to apply to veterinary medical schools. In addition to animal science courses, students will gain foundational knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics on which to build in their future studies. Many students pursue a master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences, Animal Reproduction and Animal Nutrition.

Student Groups

Students are encouraged to actively participate in professional extracurricular activities. Some of those sponsored by the department include the Pre-Veterinary Society, Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, Collegiate FFA, Delta Tau Alpha, Rodeo Club, and Sigma Alpha.

Program Breakdown

Brief breakdown of the type, or types, of degree(s) available, their length, available enrollment, and estimated cost.
Category Degree Summary
Length 120 Credit Hours
Required Courses Bachelor of Science (BS)
Enrollment Fall, Spring, Summer
Tuition/Costs Rates Per Semester

Undergraduate Application Deadlines

  • Fall: August 1
  • Spring: December 15
  • Summer: May 15