You are responsible for your safety! During an emergency, do not rely on an alarm or an alert. For certain emergencies, such as an active shooter, bomb threat, or natural gas leak, fire alarms or strobe lights may not be used. Instead, authorized Emergency Response Officials will move through the building and order occupants to evacuate. When the fire alarm system is activated, occupants MUST evacuate the building and reassemble at the designated location(s).

Be Prepared

  • Know your escape plan
  • Acknowledge posted evacuation maps
  • Practice fire drills
  • Learn to use a fire extinguisher
  • Identify volunteers to help the mobility impaired
  • Have a go bag

Preparation for the Disabled

Don't wait for an emergency to make accomadations.

Notify the department utilizing buildings you will occupy before or upon arrival.

Know your evacuation routes and/or refuge points.

Know volunteers that will assist you.

Department Preparation for Disabilities

Disabilities to Consider. A physical, psychological, intellectual or sensory impairment, either temporary or permanent, that can produce a mobility impairment, which results in a person requiring assistance during an emergency evacuation.

Appropriate Signage

Inform those with disabilities where to make accomadations & identify refuge points

Identify Volunteers
Identify Safe Room(s)
Provide Equipment
Below are examples, not recommendations.