Scholarships & Endowments

Make an Impact

Did you know, 69% of students receive some form of financial assistance so that they can afford their education.  By giving to SHSU, you are ensuring that no student is denied an exceptional SHSU educational experience due to a lack of financial resources.

Annual Scholarships

Through a one-time or recurring gift, you can establish an annual scholarship that will benefit SHSU students. You can direct your gift to our general scholarship fund or to other existing scholarships, or you may establish a named scholarship. For the latter, we suggest a gift of at least $1,000 per year.

Endowed Scholarships

By establishing an endowed scholarship, you become part of the very foundation of SHSU's future. Through your generosity, you directly impact students who benefit from merit and need-based scholarships.

You may earmark your gift for an existing endowed scholarship or you may create a named scholarship. For the latter, we suggest a gift of at least $25,000. You may pay this pledge over a five-year period. The first award would be made after the minimum gift level is achieved.


An endowment is a permanent investment of private gifts for the benefit of the university. An endowment gives forever, since the principal remains intact, while the income produced off the invested assets is used to support student and other university needs. 

  • Student Scholarship & Program Endowment

    A long standing tradition of the university is that no deserving student will be denied access to the SHSU experience due to the lack of financial resources. These endowment funds will provide income to award a range of need-based and merit-based scholarships that are essential to enhancing the quality of the academic environment for all students and faculty. They will also provide funds to enrich student life and activities.

    The student Scholarships and Program Endowment includes:

    Presidential Scholarships $150,000 each
    Academic Need-based Scholarships $25,000 each
    Graduate Scholarships $50,000 each
    Athletic Scholarships $25,000 each
    Student Programs and Activities $1,000,000 each
  • Faculty & Staff Endowments

    This endowment will enhance the quality of instruction and research. It will greatly assist the university's efforts to attract and retain outstanding faculty and administrative staff by providing salary supplements and support professional development funding. Prestigious endowed chairs and professorships will support exceptional faculty in each of the seven colleges, and they will provide lively and cutting edge teaching for students.

    The Faculty and Staff Endowment includes: 

    Academic Chairs  $1,000,000 and more each
    Professorships $500,000 and more each
    Coaching positions   $250,000 each
    Athletic Scholarships $25,000 each
    Provost’s fund for faculty development   $1,000,000 each
    Staff development $500,000
  • Academic Program Endowments

    Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs can be found within Sam Houston State's seven colleges. Many of these academic programs are receiving national recognition and have achieved some of the top accreditation levels available to higher education. Program endowments provide academic enrichment funds to refine and expand educational offerings.

    The Academic Program Endowments include:

    • College of Arts & Media
    • College of Business Administration
    • College of Criminal Justice
    • College of Education
    • College of Health Sciences
    • College of Humanities & Social Sciences
    • College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • College of Science & Engineering Technology
    • Elliott T. Bowers Honors College
    • Athletic Programs
    • President's Fund for Excellence

For more information, please contact the Office of University Advancement at 936.294.3625.