New Program Development Support

New program development is a multi-step process (see flowchart below).The Program Analytics team provides a required report to support the first of three stages in degree program development, and a required summary to expedite new minor and certificate development. To begin any new Program Development process, please submit a Program Analytics Request.

For more detailed process examples (i.e., new graduate or undergraduate degree programs, 3+2/4+1 programs, minors, or certificates) or for further questions, please visit the Academic Planning and Program Development webpage or contact

Degree Program 3-Stage Proposal Process


1 The Academic Planning and Program Development (APPD) team coordinates the new degree program proposal process and is the primary contact throughout each stage 
1 DCC: Department Curriculum Committee; CCC: College Curriculum Committee; UCC: University Curriculum Committee; AAC: Academic Affairs Council; BOR: Board of Regents
2 Program Analytics data (Program Analytics Reports) expire one year from delivery. If the new program development process takes longer than one year, a new Program Analytics. Report must be completed, and Stage 1 must be refreshed and resubmitted.